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"...selling fresly-made, high quality cocktails - Sebastiao took on a challenge of serving up the same premium drink experience with their bottled mixed drinks".


"My go-cocktail is definitely Sebastiao's Fresh Mango Daiquiri. Its sweet and refreshing taste reminds me of summer! And I love how the blended mangoes and calamansi juice perfectly mask the strong taste of alcohol".


"Sebastiao Cocktails’ curated gift box is a fun gift not just to give but also to put together". 


"Cocktails to Try: Dalandan Vodka Margarita (Cointreau, Absolut vodka, and a squeeze of fresh Dalandan priced at PHP399), Refreshing Lychee Sake (Japanese dry sake with sweet lychee syrup that's been infused for 7 days priced at PHP649), and Negroni (mix of Gin, Campari, and Vermouth priced at PHP399)".

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Sebastiao, before its premium bottled cocktails, is a team of mobile bar chefs that cater to weddings, debuts, and corporate events. We have multiple premium and affordable packages available for all sorts of events. 

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