bespoke mobile bar services 

by Sebastiao

Sebastiao started in 2017. Two seasoned restauranteur retired from the fine dining industry with the idea to reinvent the local mobile bar scene. They applied everything they have learned from the high-end, luxury scene to a smaller, more modest mobile bar business. 

Instead of the usual synthetically flavored and colored towers of cocktails, Sebastiao wanted to serve and popularize fresh and premium quality cocktails. 

Sebastiao aims to serve an audience that appreciate the art and craftmanship that goes into every glass of cocktail. 


Fully customizable cocktail menu
Rustic Bar Setup
Professional bar chefs 
Cocktail gift sets 

We cater inside and outside of Metro Manila

Sample Menu 

Spanish Red Sangria 
Sebastiao Signature Margarita
Fresh Golden Mojito
Fresh Mango Daiquiri

Margarita Bar
Fresh Strawberry Margarita
Fresh Mango Margarita
Fresh Calamansi Margarita
Dalandan Vodka Margarita 

Luxury Cocktail Bar
Black Russian
Italian Negroni

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